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Comment 16 by Lion IRC :

Comment 14. You dont think the bible is intelligible and that Christians quoting from it are equally unintelligible....Therefore Galactor is going to do what? ...... he's going to cut and paste something FROM the bible which Lion IRC (a Christian) has pointed to as evidence that God punishes those wicked greedy selfish money loving rich people who in their lifetimes have been mean to folk like Lazarus (who had to beg from the rich - probably as a slave)

I knew that Lion IRC would show his corrupted and prostituted humanity to us all. I have seen it all before.

The irony is that he mouths off about how Stalin and Hitler and the godless are so inhumane before he justifies how god was warranted to torture someone who held authority over another.

The rich man was tortured in fire and wanted a drop of water to quench an unbearable thirst.

Christians love "justified" torture like this.

"Don't worry christians, god will brutalise and torture those who offend you!"

No doubt Lion IRC thinks the rich man deserved his torture and we should have no pity for or provide no succour to him.

But they fail to see that the greatest of all Stalin's is the very god they worship while they point out to us how godless and wicked Stalin was.

Just after they tell us how christians are so forgiving and loving.

It's christian doublespeak.

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