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Comment 16 by Lion IRC :

Comment 15. Come on Galactor. You know Ad Homs are wasted on me. And I'm not sure they do much for you either. You just spent 4 consecutive posts on someone you say is "a true, bewildered and confused ignoramus". I wouldnt have expended that much effort if I thought THAT about you.

It is not an ad hominen. You have had plenty of time and enough exchanges with those with whom you disagree to understand that writing this kind of nonsense:

Most of us are slaves to the superior power and controll of wealth which dominates capitalism and survival of the fittest. I see nothing in an atheistic (god-LESS) world view which suggests moral outrage at the way evolution has favored the greedy and the strong and the dominant and those who covet and strive and exploit the weak

is good reason to conclude that you are bewildered, confused and ignorant of evolution and a worldview that is devoid of an irrational belief in a being that is purported to perform the inhumane acts attributed to your god.

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