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I am an admirer of Christopher and his works. But, I must reply to his statement about "when Kennedy almost killed me".

It was the Soviet dictator that came close to killing everyone. It was the American ability to eliminate the Soviet Union that kept it from attempting to, thru war, taking over all of Europe and the U.K. Putting nuclear missiles in Cuba would have practically eliminated that ability. Those types of missiles, fired from Cuba, could have knocked out most, if not all of our missile sites, before we could have launched. Fortunately, the Soviet leaders were not devout religious people. They appeared to have realized that if they died for their cause, they would be dead. Not in some paradise. That may have been the main reason that they pulled back.

Unfortunately, we are close to seeing fundamentalist Muslims having nuclear missiles. Even if they knew that using them would end all life, their belief that they would end up in some paradise with 72 virgins each would encourage their use of the weapons.

While many others were worried about the Soviets and their missiles, I was confident that they would not risk their own destruction. I never understood why so many others were always saying how scared and worried they were. Now, that the Soviet Union is no more, I am concerned about the missiles and the fundamentalist who are trying to get them.

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