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@Scruddy Bleensaver

I think you devalue the concept of freedom in saying that it is only an illusion to those sort of ppl. I would argue that such freedom is one of the highest virtues and it is absolutely real. See AC Graylings book "Towards The Light"

Surely the mere illusion of freedom would not be worth dying for.

Torquemada's REAL actual physical force didnt work against the opposing force he encountered in trying to make people his ideological slaves.

Doesnt that mean the opposing force was every bit as REAL and, more importantly, had sufficient inertia that it could not be overcome, enslaved or tortured out of existence?

Clearly, the highest form of liberté (free will) and the hardest to enslave is the transcendent type given by religion (God). The only way you can take that away from people in ghettos, concentration camps, lions dens, coliseum torture chambers, etc is to take away God.

And still even after 50,000 years the claim that God is an illusion remains just that - a claim.

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