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Comment 23 by Lion IRC :

Surely the mere illusion of freedom would not be worth dying for.

Not if it were known to be a mere illusion, no.

And still even after 50,000 years the claim that God is an illusion remains just that - a claim.

The burden of proof is not on those disbelieving the positive claim that God exists.

You talk a lot about enslavement and slavery, I noticed. Isn't it funny then, all that Biblical endorsement of that institution, right down to specific rules how slaves must be treated. The Bible was used as justification for slavery in the US South prior to the Civil War and their preachers railed against those damn Yankee abolitionists who would dare go against God's will by wishing to end that sacred practice endorsed by God himself.

Now, there were Northern abolitionist who drew inspiration from their Bible to oppose the practice, I'll grant you that point before you make it, but then that book can be used to justify anything, as history has shown.

Believing in an all-powerful God who sees your every move, who knows your every thought, and who is vengeful and capricious beyond belief is a form of slavery of the mind. We atheists would like to end that form of slavery through education.

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