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I've being reading through a transcript of Martin Rees's acceptance speech. In it is much of what he said at TED Talks and he expressed some humiliates that are apparent in a cosmological perspective No I did not hear anything like "A Spiritual Dimension"from Martin's work .Perhaps for the Templeton it would seem like a victory of sorts just because of his name but the reality is Templeton has diluted it's self and in time the members will forget what it is they profess to believe .So it morphs into another old boys club with some lobbing influence wielding dwindling influence .This is happening Is it wise of Martin Rees to accept the Templeton prize ? After all we are not responsible for who compliments the work we do nor are we responsible for why they do so His acceptance speech would be a bitter/sweet pill to the Templeton should they listen openly ,but I could never fault Martin Rees that they will likely not,but for bits that appear to be consistent with their agenda Nevertheless whether his position as Astronomer Royal to put it mildly "The appropriate place for controversy. "

Why speak when it falls on deaf ears ? Of coarse to those who listen who may be few and who whisper screams ,Why listen ?

Thu, 21 Apr 2011 19:26:44 UTC | #617892