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Again, I must quote my favorite American heretic from the 1940s and early 1950s...

"The fundamental purpose of religion is to attain an identity with a power which we believe to be greater than ourselves, whose omnipotence and immortality we can share. Then, having achieved some sense of this identity, we feel that we can cope with problems, and attain ends which would otherwise defeat us. The reliance on religion as well as the reliance on property, is a lack of self-reliance.

It is ourself that creates this god of power, it is ourself from which his power is drawn, and this self is greater than any god which it creates. Therefore to know ourselves is the highest form of wisdom and to believe in ourselves is the highest form of faith. Science, which seeks to know, and art, which seeks to interpret, are two forms of love, which is the only available way of worship, and that these two greatest expressions of the human spirit should be subservient to religion, politics, nationalism, and war is the craziest blasphemy that has been perpetuated on the race."

-John Whiteside Parsons, from "Freedom Is A Two-Edged Sword"

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