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Comment 26 by Stevehill :

This piece is 11 days old. That's relevant in so far as if it appeared here in something like real time, people could contribute on the Guardian site, and act as a counterweight to the inevitable faith-head reaction. Guardian pieces are usually only open for comment for a couple of days.

Not wishing to be over-critical, the RDFRS often seems to have an unreasonable time lag in getting pieces like this up.

That’s a fair point Steve. In fairness, I would say that it’s a lot of work browsing the web looking for suitable articles, so there is a limit to how much time they can spend doing it. That’s why we can’t always expect pieces like this one to appear instantaneously (I think they do surprisingly often).

If we can't initiate topics ourselves, perhaps those who can do so could be a little more pro-active?

You are correct that we can’t initiate topics ourselves, as such (except in the Discussion Section). Anyone can submit suitable articles for approval though (see here). I submitted an article about a fossil this week, which appeared on the website the next day. It didn’t attract many comments though :-(

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