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Powerful, eloquent and ultimately, life-affirming. Not only the article, but the human himself. I am delighted to be contemporaneous with Christopher Hitchens, my sorrow only lies in the fact that he (nor probably I) will be around to witness the ultimate triumph of man over voodoo. Such a man deserves to experience that victory. Most of the rest of us are mere viewers or sometime debaters, he and his like are the architects.

But we may still celebrate his existence and his oratory and ensure the battle he and others have fought continues, and hopefully we will build on what's already achieved and with any luck the old bastard might add more chapters to the indispensable catalogue of hitch slaps available on the web. Required viewing for all the next generations. I should be proud not only to have kids but to be able to tell them that I was around to hear Hitch talk while this whole thing got started.

Best of luck dude.

Fri, 22 Apr 2011 23:21:05 UTC | #618260