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It will be a thoroughly discouraging day for atheists when Hitchens passes away.

It will be very sad, and I hope he remains as well as can be for as long as can be.

But don't forget, his death is ultimately going to be a great triumph for atheism. Even his death will be a great kick in the teeth to religion - So many of his defeated foes are expecting or praying for a death bed conversion from him, to nullify all his great arguments and let religion claim ultimate victory. But as you can see from this letter, it's not gonna happen, and is getting more unlikely by the day.

Indeed, the strength and clarity with which Hitch has approached his own death is awe-inspiring, and his stance remains as bold as ever.

His death will be one last great victory.

Sat, 23 Apr 2011 08:30:48 UTC | #618332