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It's so hard to work out what he actually believes. He says he's not sure about anything except the obvious things like the golden rule. He's either not really a Christian and he's trying to appeal to Christians as much as possible without actually saying "I believe Jesus was God and he rose from the dead" etc. or he's a Christian who's trying to appeal to atheists. I feel like with his upbringing it's the first one. He says he doesn't know what happens when we die but he "hopes" there's a heaven. It sounds like he's hoping that the first part sticks in atheists' minds and the second part sticks in the Christians' minds and everyone comes away thinking he agrees with them.

The abortion thing is the same. "Oh no one takes it lightly and we should prevent women wanting abortions" is such an annoying middle ground type thing to say where you hope the pro-choicers remember that you said abortion should be legal and you hope the pro-lifers remember that you said abortion is terrible and difficult and women wouldn't want them in a perfect world or something.

This technique doesn't really make me respect him to be honest. It's kind of sneaky and it's like he's hoping his audience aren't as bright as him.

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