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Both my wives were indifferent to religion

A polygamist? Take that God! :P

Actually god is A-okay with it. (see the "holy" bible/Quran)

He probably didn't mean he was married too two people at the same time...derp.

Yeah, I was just kidding, I know what he meant. As for God being OK with it, he's not very consistent on the subject, is he? I think it's about time people realized (very few people on this site, obviously), that judging from the bible, he's about an effective at getting his point across as a drunk man who's misplaced both of his arms as well as his larynx.

Sorry, bit off topic. I think keeping your dignity is important in these situations. Religious people usually take offence anyway, so it may as well be to your calm and composed, strong, factual argument. You will probably then be bombarded with vacuous rhetoric, but what can you do?

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