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There are two types of people in the world, (no not religious and non-religious), those who need 'guidance', and those who don't.

I think you hit on something there that I couldn't understand earlier in life. I went to church once for (the first time in my life) to please a religious girlfriend. Bored stiff by the tedium and the saccharine flavour of it all, I asked several people afterward why on earth they wanted to waste a perfectly good, free Sunday morning like that, especially since there's no mention of church-going in the Bible that I was aware of. "So that we can be good", "For moral lessons", and variations of same where the responses, from people who were astonished that I would ask such a dumb question.

I couldn't relate to it then, and I still can't today. Why would any adult human being need to be schooled in morality or need role models? Don't we all operate on a version of the Golden Rule, which predates Jesus by centuries?

It suggests a lack of innate empathy, doesn't it? Which, of course, almost certainly can't be true. They can't all be psychopaths. So it must be that they simply refuse to accept that their empathy is innate, for whatever reason. More than slightly beyond my understanding.

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