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I fully disagree with Sam Harris on the issue of torture, but I am interested in the research he's done on morality.

As for disagreeing with New Atheism's leadership on some issues not directly related to the New Atheist political movement, I find Christopher Hitchens' stance on the burning of Korans to be almost a contradiction to his stance on the Iraq war. Where Iraq is concerned, he supports preemptive actions to eliminate danger, but on the issue of Koran burning, he doesn't support that one should be arrested to preemptively eliminate disorder. The argument I'd make in his favor over this contradiction, is that Saddam Hussein and his regime were/are criminals who - at the start of the Iraq War - were also yet to be tried, whereas burning a Koran is not necessarily a crime. But the timing of the Iraq war could not have been worse, nor our pretenses. Essentially, I didn't support the Iraq War as it happened, and I still don't. However, I'm very much interested in Hitchens' views concerning atheism and I do enjoy all the articles he writes.

I've yet to agree with anyone else on every issue. Nor do I find Hitchens and Harris to have indefensible (where Hitchens is involved) or unforgivable (where Harris is involved) views on Iraq and torture (are they the same issue?). Both Hitchens and Harris well represent New Atheism. That said, I would like New Atheism to have additional leaders, preferably women and gender variant people.

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