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Harris forget something. And that’s history. It has never occurred in history that for the persons who has power their sheep are in some way important for them except for their wool and meat. So the example he gives (a nuclear terrorist) is possible but who gonna weigh the pro and contra. The men who take the responsibility should be unbelievable honest to themselves and had to cancel all the interests of the groups who share the power at that moment. I don’t see it happen. And let us be honest, it’s the Christian world who invented the bomb and used it. And they dropped it not on the palace of the psychopath who ruled Japan but on innocent and deluded people. So all this discussion is a little bit irrelevant. And what about the theocratic societies where torture is common mode like in the Middle Ages ( I understand that Harris tries to give a direction in a difficult matter but I think that the only solution is to said NO to torture in any way. If you set the door ajar you let the inquisitor slip in.

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