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I see nothing admirable in the way Sparkly1 has presented herself here, especially her aggressive-passive style of apology. Makes me instinctively cringe. I have no desire to communicate with her directly on this forum, as it is all about her need to believe--your typical selfish 'moderate' bleating about her privilege to believe without evidence and not getting taken to task about it. In person, I would leave her side as soon as possible. Eventually it will be v difficult for fundies to spout their crap. And then 'moderates' like her, will then be perceived as the new fundies. All she is doing is protecting her wobbly turf because she herself desperately need to believe in whatever crap she does.

Her critics can only present their criticism in the way she deems is respectable. Well, I don't respect her at all. No reason to. She certainly can believe in her nonsense, I don't give a hoot about that. I am not her therapist, I don't need to court her sensibilities, her feeling, her gut sense. But no way does she have any right not to be soundly criticized and also ridiculed. Knowledge is about probability. It is highly improbable that there are theistic gods. Regarding meanness, how mean is her belief system, implying eternity on a mere possibility? Leading you on in that way is despicable.

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