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I saw this on PZ's site yesterday and my first thought was "Ecclesiastical Nuremburg Defence". Hey, God sanctioned this infanticide, so it must be ok as god only does that to bad people right? And they go to heaven afterwards, so that shouldn't be a problem if they haven't sinned. My second thought was the Milgram Experiment, the famous psychological test to see if ordinary folk could be persuaded to do sadistic acts to other people because an authority figure in a white coat told them to. Just substitute the stooge in the white coat for an all powerful god, and it's interesting how quick you can chuck the moral rulebook out of the window. I just never expected to see a so-called 'sophisticated theologian' advocating the Nuremberg defence for the widespread ethnic cleansing in the Old testament.

Sun, 01 May 2011 07:35:59 UTC | #621431