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The more they twist and flap in their fear the more the toxic sludge exudes from their very pores. Give them a shake and great globules of the crud oozes out to contaminate anyone in sniffing distance.

Respected theologian defends genocide and infanticide

Respected?...not any more except by the brain dead and morally bankrupt!

His debate technique is just the Gish gallop with cynical incredulity that atheism is a valid view as a generous side dish.

maybe it exposes the greater myth that there is such a thing as a sophisticated theologian at all

Never was, never is, and never will be...their source material is weaker then gnats pee in both volume and potency! That is why they feel moved to embellish the crud...otherwise it is just a fairy story being a fairy story and not a very interesting or fabulous one at that!

The C of E theists hold that the A of C is a theologian par excellence...but not one utterance has convinced many people not already under the spell of bullshite methinks. And one would assume that was a major role that theologians have by actually lay out their claim with academic precision to persuade the not so gullible or indeed the not so ignorant as to the veracity of their claims.

Benny is supposed to be the a similar weaver of the ecclesiastical yarn for the kiddie fiddlers club. Maybe Bennies warp is not quite as taut as the weft requires. Coming distinctly unraveled if the surface gets pricked by the simplest of criticism.

Anyway not a brain amongst 'em to impress and as for the morality that William Lane Craig espouses...not a not all xians share that view?...and if not why are they so deafening by their muted silence on the subject? It does so neatly explain the Crusades...all of them past and present, and the other little parties they hosted like the Albigensian Crusade and even the holocaust has a certain xian feel to it despite their protestations to the opposite.

There is just a desolate sadness that so many folks do think he has explained the mystery of uncomfortable scripture in a way that they actually approve of. That is sounds cogent and concise and explains the mechanism of the tyrant of a deity they have chosen to worship and all is well with the world, well their world anyway, the world of make believe and justifiable hatred and murder.

There are some seriously sick, ignorant and depraved xians out there in la la land and Craig just panders to their insanity and is so proud of it that even Mathew Hopkins would approve.

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