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Comment 18 by war critic :

If you really believe that condemning and mocking billions of people is justified by an act of graffiti by some stupid kid in Fresno--and can maintain that belief when in the presence of someone who was forced into your midst by an act of vandalism by one of your own--then I can see why you would be offended at being called bigot. As you're likely fond of pointing out, however, your believing it don't make it so.

You admitted yourself that you ASSUMED that the redirect was from an atheist, please provide evidence for your ASSUMED belief. If you cannot, then you are nothing but a troll and you can be ignored safely because you are obviously trying (and to some small extent succeeding) to grief the atheists. If that is so, I pity your smallness. Good day.

Fri, 06 May 2011 20:52:43 UTC | #623956