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Comment 13 by mirandaceleste : No. Because of your ridiculous and nasty rhetoric

Well, again, I'll avoid the tu quoque that's begged for. Not that my rhetoric was particularly nasty (far less so than that preceding it or since [excluding your own]). Nor was my comment ridiculous.

If you believe that condemnation and mockery of all theists (I assume that's the ominous "they") is a reasonable response to an act of graffiti by some stupid kid in Fresno--and can maintain that belief when in the presence of someone who was forced into your midst by an act of vandalism by one of your own who obviously isn't associating the act with all atheists and whose only beef is the hypocrisy and irrationality on display here--then I can see why you would be offended at your compatriots being called bigot. As you're likely fond of pointing out, however, your believing it don't make it so.

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