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← Atheist Billboard in Fresno Vandalized After Only Three Days

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I live in Fresno and it's not as bad as Alexandreina makes it sound as long as you don't live near or are involved with any gangs/drugs.

It's easy to see the population as meth users, gang-bangers, pregnant teens and rednecks, but we've got a really nice skeptic/humanist community over here. I've lived a few places and while Fresno is no Seattle or San Diego, it always seems like unless you lived in Somalia or Iraq, the people complaining about the places they used to live are the people you don't really want to hang out with anyways.

On-topic: They really did put the billboard in the dumbest of areas. If you're trying to get closet atheists and skeptics to joing your 'club' you shouldn't put it where there is that much graffiti, church-goes and gang members. I am pretty sure the atheist population on that part of town is effectively zero. They really should have considered placement before forking over that kind of money, unless it was a publicity stunt?

Fri, 06 May 2011 21:10:18 UTC | #623970