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Comment 10 by war critic What a coincidence. After being redirected from a religious website I regularly visit to by an atheist (I assume) vandal's malicious hacking what is the first article on offer? One bemoaning the stupid vandalism of an atheist billboard and a gaggle of geese honking out quite unreasonable condemnation and mockery. Rather than engage in the tu quoque that is actually fitting in this case, let me just invite you to actually apply the principles you say you believe in. This level of discourse is more fitting to a KKK meeting than to a forum supposedly dedicated to science and reason.

Yes what a coincidence. Rather than simply closing the web page you apparently had no interest in viewing you decided instead to take the time and effort to join up to this prominent ATHEIST site, make inflammatory remarks comparing us to the KKK (which i think should constitute a form of Godwins law) without any basis in the reality of what has been posted, then accuse of hypocrisy people who had nothing to do with a supposed (but highly convenient for your purposes) computer attack that brought you to (shock horror)

Now if i was an atheistic computer hacker going to the great effort of re-directing a religious person to a site they didn't wish to visit i think i'd at least send them to somewhere they might find themselves shocked, like a site listing the personal testaments of children abused by the church, or quantifying the amount that catholic dogma has contributed to the proliferation of AIDS in Africa, or providing examples of extremely poor people being tricked out of their money by affluent charlatans and fraudsters acting in the name of an imagined divinity, or any other countless number of genuinely shocking examples of the continued damaging effects of religion on a species who should long have outgrown it.

Now there are some real examples of hypocrisy for you. Go look for them now. Then come back here if you can bear to show your face again and we'll talk about science and reason.

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