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Comment 31 by rrh1306 :

I think the only reason there is an article on this site about the defacing of the billboard is because there was another article just two stories lower from a day or two ago about the same billboard going up. Many people jokingly asked how long it would take before it was vandalised.

Reporting on it is fine. The persecution complex is as sad here, though, as when Donohue and his lot are engaging in it. Having some familiarity with Fresno I could have answered how long it would take to be vandalized: Virtually every billboard there is tagged within a few days of its being installed.

Your right it is just a stupid act of vandalism and I think most of the comments here reflect that attitude.

No. They don't. There are repeated references to a "them" and "they" whose self-delusion was threatened and so "they" reacted by defacing the billboard. And ugly and ridiculously stupid thoughts were put in the mouths of this "them" to explain why they would all do such a thing.

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