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Comment 30 by edmundjessie :

Yes what a coincidence. Rather than simply closing the web page you apparently had no interest in viewing you decided instead to take the time and effort to join up to this prominent ATHEIST site, make inflammatory remarks comparing us to the KKK

I always have interest in what smart people are saying. I figured if someone went to so much trouble to force me to see this page I'd take a look.

RE: the KKK comment, I think I was fairly clear that the comparison is to the dynamic of the comment thread and its rhetoric, not to any individuals or your overall belief system. The rhetoric in this thread is conspiratorial, exhibits an irrational persecution complex, and is deeply hateful and contemptuous of a class of your fellows. Comparing it to a KKK meeting is probably an over-the-top way of calling it the bigoted group-think that it is, but too late to undo it. Sorry for being that provocative.

Sat, 07 May 2011 00:47:45 UTC | #624033