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The rise of Islam is often considered a threat to our way of life, especially with the extreme demonstrations of Islamic fundamentalists to impose their beliefs on everyone. Many people from countries that were once predominantly Christian such as the USA and UK are rightly outraged at the injustices that are carried out in the name of Islam, the stoning of women for something as basic as the desire to learn to read and write, is quite obviously abhorrent. However people must have very short memories because it wasn’t that long ago that such barbaric practices were carried out in the name of Christianity. We burned many women accusing them of witchcraft and many heretics who did nothing more that disagree with the established teachings of the church.

The western countries reaction to this perceived threat is counterproductive to the progress that society has made in recent decades. Despite the failure of multiculturalism in Britain to unify the multi-ethnic population resulting in distinct cultural communities who largely remain isolated instead of integrating the UK Government it is trying to accommodate all religious groups and actively encourage them to take part in providing social services to the community resulting in an increase in the number 'Faith Schools'. The USA on the other hand seems to be pro-actively attempting to integrate Christianity into the administration of the Country, attempting to tie the American national identity to Christianity. The major advances in society have been made by reducing the influence that Religious groups have on the state thorough secular government.

The answer is not to pander to the Religious groups but to continue to peruse the separation of church and state. While there might be a temptation to side with the lesser of two evils the problem is it legitimises religion as being part of the political process. The only answer is to keep religion out of politics, our public services should be completely impartial and Religion should be something that is confined to the Churches, Mosques and Synagogues not be given any place in the leadership of governments.

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