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He wouldn't have to keep it a secret. He could tell us here, and we'd buy it. The idea is that some religious parent would see the book with a pretty cover and buy it for their kid. It has a better chance at reaching children because it doesn't have Richard's name on it which is known in religious circles.

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I think that Richard should have published this under a pseudonym. It would have a better chance of getting into the hands of children of religious parents. Right now, I doubt it gets outside of Atheists families who have read Richard's other books.

I see your point, but if it were found that the professor was writing under a pseudonym, the backlash under the guise of "sneaking material under kids' noses under a different name" might make the explanation of scientific truth and reality no better than creationism renaming itself intelligent design. Religious folk would have a hypocritical field day pointing out how deceptive Richard is!

No, I think it's best written under Richard's name. The truth will out eventually, step by step up the ladder of intellectual honesty.

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