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Nice to hear that 'God' theory put to rest from Hawking himself which had previous interviews of his quoted out of context by those thinking to enhance faith with science. Truth is, many close to death do reconcile themselves with mortality, and with the concept that death will be no different than the time before life. Even as a child, I often wondered 'Where was I before I was a baby?', and most children do often wonder that. They are usually told that fairy tale, and comfort themselves with the fact that adults know everything, so it must be true. Problem is, as we get older and as long as we're not indoctrinated by force into some faith, we see just how wrong that is.

I'm intrigued by the work of scientists that have isolated various genes, have worked on the concept of prolonging life, and I'm convinced that someday, we will likely postpone death indefinitely based on the works of people that have come before us, and are with us today, and those of the future (barring some accident or as of yet unsolved disease). The trouble is, we face the greatest challenge on acheiving that from people that, as Hawking put it, 'afraid of the dark' . . . something they've done with conviction for centuries, often brutally, and as of late, a mix of violence and the creation of laws based on nothing more than superstitious fears. Someday, I have no doubt we will even acheive the ability to 'terra-form' other uninhabitable planets, and it's a shame that I won't be there to see it given the fact that we have lost so much time due to the control wielded by those that have supported and maintained a fear in mankind's most ultimate boogy-man.

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