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It amuses me that people are still so swayed by free floating pronouncements from authority figures.

'Darwin had a conversion on deathbed', 'Einstein believed', 'Darwin was never a believer', 'Hawking believes', 'Hawking doesn't believe'.

Ha ha- who gives a shit, truth and falsity has no necessary connection with celebrity

And why oh why is a picture of the distinguished astrophysicist never complete without it appearing that he can float through space and time in his f---ing wheelchair-
Don't you find that to be somewhat patronising- although the great man is crippled he can travel the universe in his mind (isn't that nice for him)

What's wrong for once of having a straight photograph of a man in a wheelchair- or is that too terrifying?

Mon, 16 May 2011 07:04:34 UTC | #627273