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← [UPDATE] Priest sex abuse scandal was temporary problem, study finds

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"just nice guys who were confused by the 60s"

Society didn't became more permissive to pedophilia! If these men were that confused by the 60s and 70s, it should have been obvious that they weren't fit for leadership. And what is with the special research done on homosexual priests - what were the Catholics trying to prove? Anyone want to take a wild guess? Furthermore, divorce has no reason to be mentioned here, and it's highly questionable (no pun intended) to suggest marijuana experimentation could somehow be responsible!

Eight miles high and when you touch down, You’ll find that it’s stranger than known: Signs in the street that say where you’re going, Are somewhere just being their own. Nowhere is there warmth to be found, Among those afraid of losing their ground. Rain gray town known for it’s sound: In places small faces unbound. Round the squares huddled in storms, Some laughing, some just shapeless forms; Sidewalk scenes and black limousines: Some living, some standing alone - So why not sexually molest some children? (You are a priest, after all).

..Is not the way the song goes! But what's particularly perplexing about 60s groups like the Byrds, is how they found time to write songs at all between their cat burgling pursuits. No; actually the study might refer to Watergate - maybe that's the robbery suggested.

How miserable!

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