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← [UPDATE] Priest sex abuse scandal was temporary problem, study finds

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The mandate for the Nature and Scope study was substantial; the USCCB wanted to know the extent of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church on a national level from 1950-2002. Any method of data collection on a project of this scope has limitations. The John Jay College researchers determined that it would be impossible to gather an adequate sample—there was simply not enough known about the problem nationally. It was decided that the best method to study this problem was to conduct a “census,” or to collect comprehensive information from the records of every diocese, eparchy, and religious institute in the United States. Though this method had restrictions, these files provided a wealth of information regarding the abusers, minors who were abused, and the financial cost of the individual cases.

Am I reading this right? They went to the diocese and asked for their records? Did they bust down the door with a dozen cops and the DA's team in the middle of the night?

how accurate could this be?

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