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← [UPDATE] Priest sex abuse scandal was temporary problem, study finds

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It explains nothing except the chronic and vile practice that is the RCC. It neither explains nor excuses the present cover ups going back decades if not centuries. It does not highlight what Benny knew or ignored and certainly does not address the institutionalization of the problem...every country in the world with a Catholic presence suffers their administration to children.

This is NOT a temporary glitch it is a systematic world wide chronic contagion aided and abetted by the top cretins in the Vatican.

This report is a fatuous glob of putrescent dribble financed and presumably apron stringed by RCC....the clash of interest is an obvious elephant in the room. The fact that john Jay is a college that caters to the New York police department is, I suggest, not a boast to foster independence when it comes to Roman Catholic criminality.

If the demand for a truly independent investigation was sincerely meant then other arrangements would have been made to aid the independence of the investigation.

This is a whitewash...and is a poorly presented one at that...typical of the RCC in fact!

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