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← [UPDATE] Priest sex abuse scandal was temporary problem, study finds

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The study said there was no single cause of the abuse and concluded that few of the abusive priests were paedophiles, as their victims were not all pre-pubescent. Less than 5% of the abusive priests could be defined as paedophiles because the majority of victims were aged between 11 and 14.

So seeing as the homosexual gambit failed quite spectacularly ...that was one of the very first official excuses remember....they now start another tactic to DEFINE the victims ages cos a 15 year old is a sexually mature adult according to the spin...this tactic is to reduce the nasty wasty pedophilia accusation and might deprive the RCC detractors from ammunition.

' No Pedo's in here' quoth they' another couple of years shaved off the age of the victims and they can claim consensual sex and no problem here! The tactic is being co-ordinated to back up Bennie's puerile bullshite earlier this year about society being at fault and the poor priests were just as much the errr! victims.

This report conclusion is for the 'faithful' to bind their eyes and wounds is a blatant attempt to woo the fleeing gullible back...that is all.

Anyone thinking this report is a definitive result of an independent and neutral investigation are not likely to have a brain worth mentioning or indeed enough integrity to realize the shell game being played in front of their self imposed blindness is a shell game organized and monitored by Jesuit corruption.

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