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I am surprised that the church have not yet thrown in a few 'fall guys' who are willing to take the blame for something they later proove never happened.

This also depends upon the validity of their (own) records including the collection and recording methods used and the interactions between the abuser and the abused before during and after the records were collected. Any evidence appearing after the 'case' has been collated can then be safely ignored and even parodied by the defence and as such all of this evidence becomes invalid.

Mix this in with a specialist who can destroy evidence by caliming such things as trawling, false memory syndrome, and the obligatory 'satanic abuse connection because that always gets paedophiles off', and this thing will fall apart before our eyes.

Then of course the church can claim that the dignity shown by the (fall guys) innocent (and by association all of the others) is close to saintly behaviour.

Then the real sickener, give the poor accused (and because they never did it - they were just fall guys) compensation.

Then just when you thought it couldn't get any worse you then compensate the real abusers. The victims are called liars and crawl away with their lives in pieces.

Then more 'specialists' emerge in the field of 'Priest Abuse Hysteria' whilst the prevention of child abuse is set back another 20 years.

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