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I think all religions are equally implausible, equally based on cognitive biases

This is the key to atheists not losing the run of themselves. We cannot admit the sticky trap of the human brain and be too unkind to those stuck in the trap. Those of us educated in the pitfalls can walk around them, we need to point them out to others and most importantly we need to stop equating natural, ground-state, human cognitive status with craziness, while at the same time helping all to be aware of our cognitive weaknesses and tendencies so as to think better in spite of them.

I saw Richard make some excellent and thought provoking comments on where he talked (as I remember it) about Basil Fawlty thrashing his car with a branch, adding that the humour in that scene arose from the complete futility of the approach. He went on to say (roughly from memory) that we could view people as needing analysis, and constructive help, when they malfunction instead of thrashing them, and I would argue that we tend to thrash people who have not yet come into contact with good educational material. If we call poor thinkers crazy we are thrashing our dysfunctional car with a branch.

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