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All religions are indeed equally crazy, at least when examined in detail. They all fall apart if one subjects them to logic and rational thought. But many people are happy with a good story and are not concerned with holes in the plot.

The ideas of afterlife, a separate spirit, a creator who will answer all our questions, are very attractive and so people can easily succumb to religions that offer those sorts of comfort. For the people who are born into religious families, it's difficult to give up comforts that have been an important part of one's life since childhood.

It seems to me that many religious people thrive on "the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time". There ought to be a word for this concept, perhaps there is. People can believe in the general story of creation, redemption, eternal heaven, etc. but ignore or dismiss the obvious flaws or alternative scientific explanations. The better the story, bigger the temples, more illuminated the manuscripts, the easier it is to ignore the inconsistencies and focus on the general theme.

I think the biggest hurdle for today's believer is encountering other powerful religions. In the past a nation had a dominant religion and the chances of learning about other religions was small. These days we have access to a world of religions. They are all crazy but some are surely crazier than others.

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