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The use of "crazy" is surely misleading, if not irresponsible. Religion is so widespread, and religious thought, of a kind (ritual, irrational or anti-rational assumptions and beliefs, moral codes, supernatural beliefs), is within just about everyone. If religion is crazy to the bone then the human animal is crazy to the bone, and if the human animal is crazy to the bone then we need a new word, because "crazy" begins to lose its meaning.

If it seems too easy it's because you're making it too easy. Surely the idea that you reading this - you rationalist, science lover, religion hater - are the sane one in the sea of ignorance and madness is at the very least similar to the core themes of many religions. Ninety per cent of the population is crazy, but you, YOU, have discovered the truth! There are inconsistencies in the Bible! Bad things happen to good people! You - you genius! - after much solitary thought and brain power, have found the flaws in these crazy ideas! When will the world listen to you and what you have to say?

I don't mean to imply that the majority is always on the right track. The Beatles somehow still sell records, after all. But it's just a bit sickly, all of this patting yourselves on the back for being so darn clever. It's also dishonest.

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