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I'm an atheist and I don't think all religions are the same. The Quakers for example, at least as I understand them. Their religion is about peace and love. They welcome anyone to their congregation. Their "mass" consists essentially of sitting quietly with other Quakers and waiting for God to speak to them (which you could interpret as each individual listening for the divine within themselves).

Or the Unitarians. I knew one Unitarian who was essentially a Deist. When we talked for a while it was clear that what I called the wonder of the universe (something Dawkins also talks about) he just called God.

Finally, unlike most atheists I don't think that religion is something we can just cast off with no loss. I think that there are important questions that religion answers for most people, things such as the standards for ethical behavior and the meaning of life, that are still important for thoughtful atheists. I believe eventually everything that we now call religion will eventually be equated with myths. But i also think that something will take their place. Whether that something is philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, poetry, literature, something else, or some combination of all of them I don't know.

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