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Comment 13 by Ballardian :

If it seems too easy it's because you're making it too easy. Surely the idea that you reading this - you rationalist, science lover, religion hater - are the sane one in the sea of ignorance and madness is at the very least similar to the core themes of many religions. Ninety per cent of the population is crazy, but you, YOU, have discovered the truth! There are inconsistencies in the Bible! Bad things happen to good people! You - you genius! - after much solitary thought and brain power, have found the flaws in these crazy ideas! When will the world listen to you and what you have to say?

If ninety percent of the population believe in things that are in conflict with everything we think we know, things for which moreover there is not the slightest evidence, while ten percent of the population consider it unwise to believe in implausible things for which there is no evidence, then I'll be happy to join the ten percent. This has nothing to do with pretending to know The Truth, which I don't. It's just refusing to believe in made-up nonsense.

Sat, 21 May 2011 00:15:44 UTC | #629037