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"Optional/when you feel like it/occasional" prayer alone may not be batshit crazy. Compulsory "or you'll burn in Hell and I'll beat my kids until they do" frequent daily prayers, well...

I don't know why people (generally in the West) make such a big deal about women having to cover themselves from head to toe in Islam (though granted, it's nuts). Many don't and get away with it. Compulsory daily prayers is incumbent upon every living Muslim and affects both women and men throughout their lives until they are dead. It's slavery "behind the scenes" and carries a far greater burden. The vast majority of Muslims are probably doing it not because of some "meditative benefit" but because they are scared to death of being tortured by their god in this life and/or the next if they don't (and constantly reminded about it by their families, friends and mullahs). Is that healthy?

Of course, compulsory daily prayer does serve as a near-perfect mechanism in determining if someone is a "true Muslim" or not. If you notice that he or she is missing some of the daily prayers and thinks nothing much of it, you can be fairly certain this person is having doubts about Islam or is an agnostic/atheist.

I think since there was never such a thing in Christianity, most of the (formerly largely Christian) West overlooks it or thinks prayer is a casual, optional thing. They mingle largely with casual/agnostic/atheist "Muslims" and this confirms it for them. You will not find an imam living or dead that ever said that the daily prayers in Islam are optional. That is an idea of how seriously Muslims take it.

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