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Comment 3 by Ignorant Amos :

Comment 2 by sciencehead78 I can't help but disagree....what's going on with the batshit crazies of the coming Rapture. At least we all should for the sanity of their poor children who are being subjected to this friggin' madness.

Dr. Andy Thomson's video "Why We Believe in God(s)" describes the naturally evolved cognitive tendencies to believe in these fairy tales we call religion. We seem to be knowledgable of the NORMAL weaknesses in cognition that lead to religion and yet very quick to attribute religiosity to "CRAZY". This is a logic breakdown.

Consider these two statements and see if you find them contradictory. Then see if you recognise them from this forum.

1.Normal human brains are prone to religious belief.

2.Religious belief is caused by abnormal (crazy) human brains.

I'll put it another way, would reading a book like The God Delusion cure "craziness" because it can cure religious belief.

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