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@Juju, you say, "Could you please come a little more clean and explain why it is that you're not an atheist? Or are you going to keep that to yourself like so many others have done recently on this blog."

Oh what the heck. I'm a bit of a Deist, a bit of "spiritual but not religious" and I have a few of my own kooky ideas on the nature of the universe. Why? Quite simply because I prefer to. Yep, that's the only reason. No god has ever spoken to me nor in any way manifested in my life and I've yet to find a religion I didn't think most of was pretty darned silly if not, indeed, crazy. Does that make ME a little crazy? Quite possibly. But I'm OK with that. I'm just comfortable with ambiguity and I'd feel silly attaching myself to a specific position and refusing the possibility that I might ever change my position on it. My ideas and beliefs about MANY things have evolved as I have aged (and hopefully matured a bit as well) and I am ALWAYS open to learning new things and with that the possibility that I may change my mind. Woman's prerogative dontcha know? ;) So it's not inconceivable that I may one day embrace atheism. I certainly find you lot FAR more appealing than the Christians! But the world is a very wonderfully weird place and who knows what mysteries science may one day unlock? Science changes its stance all the time, every time new information comes in. I'm prepared to follow its lead and do the same.

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