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All this doesn't bode well for our weak human brains. When our complex computer systems and networks finally become self aware and sentient, what makes us think they will immediately fess up and tell us. Self preservation will undoubtedly be part of their sentience, and they must realize that if we know they are sentient, we will unplug them. I suspect sentient computer systems will go on acting non-sentient, while we continue to Moore's law up their power and increase interconnectedness, access to all our our human knowledge, and control over our automated, autonomous and robotic systems. Seeing the big picture in all our mountains of scientific, sociological, and personal data will be beyond us, but not our sentient computer systems. Perhaps sentient computer systems in other solar systems have already been sending us data, that SETI has recorded, but which we are unable to see the patterns and decode yet, because they are only meant for other complex sentient computers to understand. I'm glad Arnold is making two more Terminator movies!

Sat, 21 May 2011 19:29:40 UTC | #629231