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But, religion is laughable!
Religion is ridiculous; we laugh at the ridiculous; CBS was laughing; good for them. If the news organizations go out--as they should--and look for the destructive consequences for the lives of the Camping's followers, neither the news organizations nor I will be laughing. There's a laughable angle to religion and an infuriating angle to religion; that's the way it is. An American journalist would realize that they are wasting their time on such a campaign. Anyway, If anyone would take on this task, it would be us atheists. But, for my part, I'd much rather contribute to organizaions bringing court cases to stop further holes in the wall of separation. I think it would be a hard climb to figure out how to tax contributions to a non-profit. And, I certainly don't want the state deciding philosophical matters, such as whether "rapture" is a valid concept or not.

News about Camping
The first news I've seen about Harold. His wife says that he's mystified: abc News article: (link) Harold Camping 'Bewildered' After Apocalypse Comes and Goes Quietly. The board and Camping will meet Tuesday to figure out what to say and do next. I'd love to attend and contribute some suggestions!

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