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>>The vibe I seem to get from this article is: "There's a good chance you guys are right, but not so loud. And please be nicer when discussing it."<<

I couldn't agree more, Kingsaurus! This whole article, seems (I won't attack the author - it was well written and thoughtful), to smack of hypocrisy and intellectual laziness. i.e. you could be correct, there may be no God, but I'd rather not think about it, because it makes me feel uncomfortable!

The Theists arguments are now being seen for what they TRULY are and were in days past. Power, ignorance, superstition and fear. Doom! Naysayer! Repent! Your time as at an end... yawn!

This may seem a little strong. It is not my intention to trash the above article - which I found a very interesting read, unlike some of the other Theist rubbish we Atheists contend with on this site. I don't even know why Theists visit here. We don't believe anything they say, nor do we need saving from our 'eternal' hell that your 'loving' God has prepared for us.

However, let's say we should be a little nicer in our approach of Theists and their comfort blanket. Why shouldn't THEISTS start thinking about how much THEY hurt our feelings? How much THEY annoy us Atheists? The Christian fundamentalists of offend me. The Islamic Fundamentalists, blowing up Buildings in New York and London and Madrid offend me. The idiots in the street chanting doom and gloom offend me. The Jehovah's witnessess who keep INSISTING on knocking on my door, in a vain attempt at converting me, offend me. Do Theists EVER get the message? I don't, won't, nor will I EVER subscribe to the idea of a God again. I've dispensed with fear in my life.

I live a decent life, where I am faithful to my wife and kids; where I don't give a hoot about someone's colour or creed; Where I try to follow the law of man; where I don't discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Something you Theists seem hard to accept. Because your Bible demands ignorance and hatred and violence and the superiority of you Theists over non-believers.

I am 100% behind Professor Dawkins. I think his work is awesome. I can't WAIT to read The God Delusion, which I have coming as a (Ironically?) Christmas Present.

Kind Regards, William.

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 11:21:00 UTC | #6298