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To me the simplest question, because of the overwhelming, divergent views of religions and of gods, is where did the concept of god(s) come from in the deepest antiquity. Either god(s) actually walked among the earliest dreamers/believers/cons/shamans -- or, god(s) is merely a figment of human imagination and story-telling. Humans delight in story-telling; all you need to do is to walk up to another person and ask: "What did you do yesterday?" Personally, I think it is insane for humanity to let its present and future be enslaved by centuries or millennia old story-telling, of which, not a single author of such story-telling is proven. Yet, the world is filled with professional story-tellers, religious and otherwise, enchanting the unwary from the natural world and natural reality -- some can make the return trip. It simply doesn't make sense. For instance, a preacher stands on a rock and preaches story-telling reality, whereas, Darwin (and science) turns the rock over and records reality as it is. Therefore, a preacher/scientist must, by definition, be both a story-telling con and a scientist -- which assures that one or the other, or both, will be to some degree, insane.

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