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Honestly it is beyond me to celebrate atheism because some freaky fundamentalists scream incompatibility! I think the utter nonsense of the belief and the lack of rationality behind it does it for me. Falk is simply wrong, if he beliefs this "crutch" even needs to be provided by Christians and that atheists are seeking for it. It is true, however, that the incompatible-screamers indirectly provide thinking Christians with all they need to switch to atheism - not by telling them that the two are incompatible, but by lying so badly about evolution that anyone who finds out about it, becomes disiillusioned about Christian "honesty". How can you keep believing after figuring out just how fabricated some of the lies about evolution are? But Falk does not seem to realize that the DISHONESTY might be the problem.

Mon, 23 May 2011 17:19:28 UTC | #629953