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It's a very dishonest thing to dichotomize the topic of evolution, with respect to religion, in such a way. This is clearly a blunder, a false dichotomy. Also, this is exactly how (throughout the ages) religion, when it cannot force others into submission, evolves. Mainstream religion knows that it must adapt to science, lest it be left behind and become as impertinent to the coming generations as it has become in recent history. How low must religion bend in order to save itself from itself?

Of course, the argument is primarily predicated on the assumption (or 'fact', as Christians would claim) that there will be hell to pay for the selfish grievances we accumulate. After all, with or without god(s), we would still, of course, be able to do whatever we wish to do. Unless of course it's heinous enough to warrant an intervention from said god(s). Right?

Mon, 23 May 2011 19:46:17 UTC | #630012