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It is a strikingly blinkered, not to mention arrogant and self-aggrandizing, mode of thought these BioLogos people seem to have. And not just them, countless other christians too, and almost certainly as many adherents from the other major religions.

I actually find it very difficult to believe that anyone can seriously think like that - as though they are unquestionably, undoubtedly right and everyone else who doesn't agree with them actually does agree with them deep down but is always looking for excuses to pretend they don't. It is a major lack of imagination and empathy on their part, this inability to grasp that other minds do not work like theirs. It is almost (perhaps more than almost) a sign of psychopathy.

The idea that atheism is simply a choice to justify an immoral lifestyle (well, not an actually immoral lifestyle, just a lifestyle that uptight, sexually pathological prudes who are allergic to fun disapprove of) is obviously very offensive and very inaccurate. But leaving that aside, do the BioLogos people (alledgedly educated individuals with a respect for science and learning, so we hear) not have the very modest level of native wit required to note that the majority of non-christians in the world are not that way because they have rejected the teachings of christianity, but because they have barely heard of christianity or haven't heard of it at all? And that of those who have had a reasonable familiarity with christian teaching, almost all of them have rejected it because there is no evidence that it is true?

Then again I thought the BioLogos foundation was a pointless waste of space from the beginning, so I'm hardly shocked.

Mon, 23 May 2011 23:18:58 UTC | #630080