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A tiny number of regular readers may remember that I am no particular fan of accommodation-ism.

I ploughed through to the end of Mr Falks piece with a sinking heart. I think Stafford Gordon (above) has put his finger on some of the most upsetting clauses.

However, even with all that background it is clear that Falk is not a complete waste of space.

Falk is writing to, and for, christians. The likes of you and I are not really in his sights so if we find what he writes deplorable that doesn't really count - because he isn't talking to us in the first place.

Falk is trying to get people who refuse to see the trees (while standing in the forest) to recognise that setting their face against evolution is a bad idea. It's a bad strategy, he tells christians, because they set themselves up to fail. He has particularly strong things to say about how christians who try to say evolution is wrong to the young, set up not only themselves - but the whole of christianity - to fail.

On that basis some of the things Falk had to say were quite enlightening (though again, as Stafford Gordon pointed out, buried in a pit of patronising arrogance). It was an extraordinary look into the confused patchwork of connections Image inside a mild-mannered faith head.

Will it work: Will Falk's piece persuade anyone that they should view evolution in a new light? In particular (as this seems to be his main aim) will he persuade any creationist to realise they are in a hole - and to stop digging?

We will probably never know. But I think we can guess.

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