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Begging to differ, but the title here is wrong. It's not about whether "Christian morality" is psychopathic.

It's about whether some Christians' view of hell, as interpreted by Craig, is psychopathic - and on that definition I'd have no problem agreeing.

But billions of Christians do not believe the psychopathic version on which Harris's thesis depends. Even the Catholics have abandoned "limbo" (where unbaptised kids go until they hopefully merit a place in heaven); mainstream Christian doctrine is not that every dead Hindu infant burns forever, but that they'll probably be OK because they never knew any different.

I'm not defending Christianity: it's bullshit. But Sam is being as extreme as the extremists he rightly condemns. It's like saying "ignore all Christians on all topics because of the existence of Harold Camping or Fred Phelps". It's an easy win in a debate. And a cheap shot.

And self-defeating, because thinking Christians (they exist) will not recognise what he's talking about, and probably think no more of the lunatic stereotypes Sam is attacking than he does.

Get past the stuff about shellfish and mixed fibres (actually Jewish, not Christian) and there's not a lot in "Christian morality" that differs materially from any ethical system that a rational society would adopt.

This is an easy, but really rather lazy argument. It'll serve to dispose of Craig, but that's not hard.

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